How do we live our best lives?

This niggling question is a reason that I left my full-time job in 2016. If only life was as straightforward as Michael Pollan's three rules for eating: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”.

My first stop after quitting corporate was the Strala Yoga home base in New York. Teacher training with founder Tara Stiles was, and still is, the most revealing month I’ve experienced. I was introduced to a whole new way of doing yoga, moving, being and living.

I expected soft, uncomplicated yoga to be easier than the more rigorous practice that I was used to, but I was so wrong. Doing yoga–and life–with ease didn’t come naturally or in an instant. Multiple times a day, in the big and little things, I’ve had to be purposeful about letting go of tension and choosing to be well.

I was introduced to a whole new way of doing yoga, moving, being and living.

The best place to start practicing ease was on my mat. To be honest, my yoga practice hasn't always been about moving well. In fact, it's seen so many iterations:

  • Recovering-from-runners-knee yoga

  • Curious-about-yoga yoga

  • Escape-from-job-stress yoga

  • Nail-all-the-poses yoga

  • Move-to-feel-good yoga

It’s taken time, lots of experimenting and a big perspective shift to get to where I am today–both on and off the mat. No more obsessing over results. Instead, I’m learning to savour yoga and life every delicious step of the way.


The best thing about this journey so far? Discovering a better, more fun way to positively impact people. My promise to myself and the community is to focus on living with purpose and passion. And at the end of the day, all I hope is that I’ve made somebody’s day a little better and a bit more special.

Keep practicing,