“I was previously not a fan of yoga, I found myself highly inflexible and I could never catch up with the flow in my classes prior to Jamie’s classes. Jamie has always maintained an encouraging, practical (but challenging) practice. My favourite thing about her classes is that Jamie understands that everyone is at a different stage of practice and she allows room for us to adjust (and make mistakes) – making the practice truly our own. This ‘space’ helped me get better at understanding my own limitations and where I could improve. Now having practiced with Jamie for over a year, I've found myself getting better at yoga, and actually looking forward to my weekly vinyasa class.”

– Jessie Chew, Singapore

“I never miss Jamie’s classes at Tanjong Pagar Virgin Active, they're the only classes that I plan ahead for. Both her hatha and vinyasa flow classes are progressive – the complete package. Her sequences are always perfectly coordinated, and the selection of music complements the workout intensity at all the right notes while being soothing to the mind. Jamie is passionate and knowledgeable about yoga. Every week there are new and surprising never-seen-before stretches – things that I have not done even in the other classes that I've been attending for years. And when the intensity goes up, Jamie’s infectious smile and zen-like calm of a true yogi always keeps the entire class going the extra mile.”

– Vikram Munjal, Singapore

“The first time I met Jamie was at one of her vinyasa classes, and I remember leaving the class thinking, “wow that was awesome, I really love her teaching style!”. Jamie is an amazing yogi and teacher, she is knowledgable and focused (with an extremely soothing voice!). She has a way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable around her, and I always leave her class feeling refreshed and renewed. Jamie has become one of my favourite instructors – wonderful, full of joy, and an inspiration to those around her. Much love and gratitude to you, Jamie! <3”

– Melanie Foo, Singapore

“Jamie Yoga is the first yoga class that I've started attending regularly and I think I’m hooked. There have been other tries at getting into yoga for me but none of them really had the smooth and easy flow that Jamie offers while going though the class. In fact, it’s so smooth that the one hour session flies through in what feels like 20 minutes. It’s not too fast, not too slow, just right. Her approach and voice carry a soothing energy that leaves my body and soul at peace after a busy day of hustling. I find myself releasing stress I didn't even realise I had. Indeed, after every class, true to Jamie's words, I leave grateful for the ability to move and to be healthy, which leaves me motivated to live healthier and happier.”

— Ivan Stepanov, Russia

“Finding the right teacher for my yoga journey was very important to me and moving back to Singapore I struggled to find that in many of the private studios. However, upon taking Jamie's class at Virgin Active, I was sold. She is probably 1 of the 3 reasons why I'm even there! Jamie's classes are also the reason why I wake at 6am to go to yoga. Her flow is challenging but never too difficult to follow. She's patient and is always available for advice. If I could afford it, I would definitely hire her full time just for me! :)”

— Tramaine Teo, Singapore

“One special aspect of Jamie’s yoga classes is her great sense of how to segue poses into each other such that there is a very nice overall rhythm to the class. I also find her sequencing of poses great for decompressing my spine, such that the vertebrae feel perceptibly better aligned after each class. She also has a great “bedside manner” for a yoga teacher, neither giving dumbed down options nor expecting far too much. I look forward to the days when she has classes, and don’t mind driving over to those which are further away from me.”

— Arvin Lee, Singapore

“I first got in touch with yoga four years ago to heal after a running injury. Ever since then, I've been practicing Strala Yoga online every day – it makes me feel amazing, there's nothing like it. I've wanted to experience a Strala class in person for a long time, and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to connect with Jamie on a trip to Singapore.

Jamie is an awesome guide; no matter if you're just starting out, or you're a seasoned yogi looking for a more challenging class. Her classes have the right mixture of fun, playfulness, challenge, and are easy to follow, even if you're new to yoga. Jamie radiates good vibes and makes you go home with a big smile (and wanting to come back for more).”

— Alexander Schmidt, UK


"Jamie’s unique style of yoga is amazing. It's so relaxing yet challenging and a must for those who want to find their private oasis in a busy hectic Singapore. I see the class as a treat to myself! This is the only yoga class in Singapore where I guarantee you won’t be clock-watching, where time becomes lost, and posture after posture you will surrender and flow until that final savasana! It’s the best way to start any day and recharges the body, especially if you’ve been running or working out earlier in the week. I also like to go to the gym, so I wanted a yoga class that would complement my strength training. Thursday morning yoga with Jamie is now firmly locked into my agenda.”

– Andrew Galway, UK

“I like Jamie’s effortless and patient way of teaching. She has a unique ability to challenge and provide guidance in yoga postures while instilling a sense of peacefulness and calmness that can get me through the tougher poses.”

– Olha Romaniuk, Singapore

“I always love attending Jamie’s morning classes. She ensures we set an intention before the start of every flow, and her style of teaching allows us the freedom to explore each pose – to see what feels right, as she gives suggestions on how we can push for a little more if our bodies let us. I always walk out of Jamie’s class feeling like I've just stepped out of a spa, all refreshed and invigorated!”

– Seah Li-Wei, Singapore

“Initially, I was nervous about attending my second yoga class ever (the first was a long time ago and I didn’t enjoy it much). But with Jamie it was so enjoyable, that now I do yoga twice a week. Besides helping to stretch my muscles that are sore from running and strength training, yoga has also taught me how to quiet my mind. Jamie is a great teacher. She is very clear with her instructions and conducts her classes in a fun, smooth, yet demanding way. She incorporates great soundtracks to go along with the movements that makes it fun. My favourite aspect of attending her classes is her calm and reassuring voice, that relaxes me and calms my mind.”

– Clarence Lee, Singapore

“I've really enjoyed Jamie's classes. I've tried (and failed) at approaching yoga in the past, but her classes helped me find the benefit in the practice I was looking for. Perhaps it was yin yoga, but I do think it was also the guiding of us to find our own "stretch space" in each position, and the use of breath that was very beneficial.”

– Philip, Singapore

“I really like Jamie's vinyasa classes which always start with a gentle tempo before leading up to more high intensity movements. I always recall a song whenever I do her vinyasa classes – ‘Killing Me Softly’. Jamie provides various options for our multi-level class. Her calm and soothing voice, clear and precise cues, and good demonstration make the class enjoyable and easy to follow. The deep and slow-paced stretching in her later restorative yoga class is a great way to end my day of exercise after the intense vinyasa session.”

– Ruoh Wei, Singapore

“I really enjoy Jamie's classes, she is such a friendly and cool girl! I like the great sequences she comes up with, and how she always links poses in different ways. It is always a good practice on Friday evenings with her. Jamie's voice never fails to lead me to a peaceful mind and steady practice.”

– YangLi Vivian, Singapore

“I had my first try at yoga with Jamie as the instructor. At the beginning, it was a slightly nervous undertaking as I was one of only two first-timers in class. But the soothing background music and the gentle tone of the session quickly relaxed my mind. Gentle Yoga with Jamie started with light stretches and breathing exercises before we moved on to some balancing forms. The 50-minute session happened during the sleepy lunch hours, but I left the class feeling more awake, relaxed and energised. I've become much more interested in yoga and its benefits after my experience with Jamie, and will continue to practice and improve myself!”

– YuChao Sng, Singapore