"Jamie is an awesome Guide; no matter if you just starting out, or you're a seasoned yogi looking for a more challenging class. Her classes have the right mixture of fun/playfulness/challenge and are easy to follow (especially if you're new to Yoga). Jamie just radiates good vibes and makes you go home with a big smile (and wanting to come back for more)."

— Alexander, Oct 13, 2017


"I've tried (and failed) at approaching yoga in the past, but Jamie's classes helped me find the benefit in the practice I was looking for. Perhaps it was Yin yoga, but I do think it was also the guiding of us to find our own "stretch space" in each position, and the use of breath that was very benefical."

— Phillip, Feb 6, 2018


"I like Jamie's Vinyasa classes, which start with a gentle tempo before picking up pace. I always recall a song whenever I take her Vinyasa class–Killing Me softly. She provides various pose options for us to follow. Her calm and soothing voice, precise and clear cues, and good demonstrations, make the class a breeze. The deep and slow paced stretching in her Restorative class right after the intense Vinyasa class is a good end to my exercise day. I really enjoy classes with her.

— Ruoh Wei, 20 Aug, 2017

"I had my first try at yoga with Jamie. It was a slightly nervous undertaking as I was one of the only two first-timers in class, but the music and gentle tone of the session quickly relaxed my mind. I left the lunchtime yoga session more awake, relaxed and energised. I also became much more interested and confident in the benefits of practicing yoga through this experience and will definitely continue to practice!"

— YuChao, Jan 21, 2018


"Jamie Yoga is the first yoga class that I started attending regularly and I think I’m hooked. There have been other tries at getting into yoga for me but none of them really had the smooth and easy flow that Jamie offers while going though the class. In fact, it’s so smooth that the one hour session flies through in what feels like 20 minutes. It’s not too fast, not too slow, just right. Jamie’s approach and voice carries a soothing energy that leaves my body and soul at peace after a busy day of hustling. I think I finally have started discovering my Qi and how it flows after these yoga sessions.

— Ivan, Feb 14, 2018


"I found Jamie's class gentle, dynamic and balanced at the same time. And I loved the vibe that she brought to the class."

— Alex, Feb 17, 2018